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Fishing in Puerto Rico – Caribbean Outfitters

Deep Sea Fishing

Caribbean Outfitters is the best and most complete outfitted fishing charter in Puerto Rico. The First Lady can comfortably seats 4 fisherman on the cockpit on one of the two custom build mezzanine located next to the action.m.

Light Tackle Fishing

Uninterrupted 20 years of high quality standard for service, perseverance on techniques improvements, boats, engines, understanding the fishery, tackle and equipment.

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing with one angle or two anglers. Our prices includes Kayak usage, fresh bait, cold water and sodas.m.

Expirience the First Class Service and World Class Fishing with Captain Omar and Caribbean Outfitters’s Staff.

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Fishing is an amazing experience

Catching a 30 pound tarpon is completely out of this world. At Caribbean Outfitters you will be able to fish, relax and enjoy the ride during your next fishing trip.

We pride ourselves to be the sport fishing charter authority in the island because we provide a first class service along with world class fishing and 20 interrupted professional years practicing tarpon backcountry and fly fishing charters.

Interested in Kayak Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing? We have the experience and knowledge, you want to fish… let’s go fishing in Puerto Rico!

Do you love fishing and have vast experience? We’d love to hear your stories and share ours with you.

Call us Today at (787)501-3171 to check availably and to make your reservation | for questions about general questions about fishing talk directly to our Captain at (787)396-8346.

Fish Caught

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Happy Moments

“Moments of Greatness ”

One line went tight, then two! We landed a 40 pounder, then started fighting another. It went on like this for, I’m not really sure, 15-20 minutes. Fish on, jump, fight, snap line…. Intensive excitement! If you want to go fishing in Puerto Rico, this is the man you want to go with.

Sean S

Trip Advisor


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