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Spend the day on the water with the most experience and knowledgeable guide in Puerto Rico, Capt. Omar Orraca and Caribbean Outfitters, established since 1994.

The Finest Fishing Experience

We have everything you need for a fun and successful fishing experience. Ready for Some adventure? Let’s get started! We’re excited and ready to begin your fishing trip!

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Sport Fishing Magazine

Sport Fishing Magazine rank Puerto Rico as one of the best 14 places in the world for tarpon fishing featuring Capt. Omar Orraca as the guide to contact when you choose Puerto Rico to check tarpon out of your bucket list!

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About Us

In 1994 Caribbean Outfitters was launched and since its inception, has done nothing short of setting the standard for light tackle tarpon fishing and off shore big game fishing in Puerto Rico.

Proudly Sponsored by Aftco.

Loved by
Friends & Families

Tarpon Whisperer

Well I have to say, Omar was the best fishing guide in PR. Even in the worse conditions he managed to help us catch some monster Tarpons. Very professional and organized, he provided all kinds of drinks. We are very very satisfied with his service and expertise. Highly recommend him.

Jessica Rose L

August 2021


Best Experience Guaranteed

We pride ourselves to be the sports fishing charter authority in the island, we provide a first class service along with world class fishing as well as more than 30 interrupted professional years practicing tarpon fishing and fly fishing.

Want to experience the unique fishing experience in Puerto Rico? 

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